To multiply and develop leaders who have a high impact on their family, the body of Christ and the community.

New Project 65
New Project 66

Visionary statement

To develop and multiply within the first five years of our church beginning, we will develop five hundred cell group leaders. Within these five years, we will also start a second location. The formative years in our ministry will be the beginning stages of us establishing a disciple making movement which will enable us to become a multisite ministry having a regional, national and Global impact.


  • Cell ministry is backbone of the church
  • Interdependent relationships
  • Discipleship evangelism
  • Community
  • Rapid Multiplication
  • Servanthood
  • Exercising spiritual gifts
  • Strategic development of Leadership
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What these values look like when successful

1. Cell ministry – a healthy cell group will contain 4 to 10 individuals and will multiply at least once within 12 months

2. Interdependent relationships – successful interdependent relationships will exhibit mutual respect and support. These relationships will cause ministry teams to flourish.

3. Discipleship evangelism – discipleship evangelism not only seeks to bring people into relationship with Jesus Christ, but this definition also combines the idea of taking a new believer to the point of becoming a disciple maker.

4. Community – community will be achieved when cell groups are healthy, and members are looking forward to spending time with those in their group on a weekly basis. In addition to this, we seek to implement other small groups as well to facilitate community.

5. Rapid multiplication – this pertains to the multiplication of cell groups. Rapid multiplication means that a cell group will multiply it at least once within a year but possibly twice.

6. Servanthood – we seek to mobilize members. We expect members to look for opportunities to serve when possible as this is the way to promotion at DTCF.

7. Exercising spiritual gifts – we seek to unleash everyone’s spiritual gift. The predominant way that we will see the gifts functioning is in the cell groups.

8. Strategic development of Leadership – there will be a strategic pathway to develop any person who desires to pursue leadership at DTCF.